Canada Blocks Sale of Defence Equipment to Thailand

24 Desember 2016

Thailand – Navy Canadair CL-215B (photo : Wiki)

Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Stéphane Dion has recently blocked the sale of military equipment to Thailand, the Canadian government has confirmed to IHS Jane’s.

A spokesperson for Global Affairs Canada (GAC) – the government department that oversees the country’s foreign relations and trade – did not provide details about the type of equipment that was barred from sale but said the value was “modest”.

The spokesperson indicated that the sales ban was decided on a case-by-case basis and that it was a response to Canada’s concerns about Thailand’s human rights record. The Southeast Asian country has been governed by the military since a coup d’etat in May 2014.

Royal Thai Air Force conducting an operational live missile firing of ADATS (photo : Army Technology)

Some Canadian defense companies become a supplier of defense equipment to Thailand such as General Dynamics Land Systems Canada, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Bell Helicopter Canada, Bombardier Aerospace, and many more.

In the procurement of wheeled armored vehicles 8×8 for the Army, participating Canadian armored vehicle LAV III type, but the contest was won by BTR-3E1 from Ukraine in 2008.

Or CL-215 amphibious aircraft that was assigned to the Navy and some ADATS (Air Defense Anti-Tank System) missiles and Oerlikon air defense weapons that was assigned to Air Force, after that no more news about a greater supply of arms from Canada to Thailand.

But because of weapons and military equipment that is currently using components from several sources, the supply of military equipment that Canada suspend sales to Thailand will have no effect. (AAG)

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