BTR-4M in Tropical Test Trials in Indonesia

BTR-4M in Tropical Test Trials in Indonesia

30 Januari 2017

BTR-4M during tropical test trials in Indonesia (all photos : Ukrboronprom) 

BTR-4M in Indonesia
Ukrainian amphibious armored personal carriers BTR-4M successfully passed all test trials in tropical conditions in Indonesia.

What’s in the package?
BTR-4M in its standard version equipped with uninhabited combat turret BM-7 “Parus” with a 30-mm automatic gun ZTM-1, 30 mm grenade launcher and 7,76 automatic gun, “Barrier” antitank guided missile system, however a number of different combat turrets are available for integration depending on the customer’s needs.

Mobility Trails
Each of five BTR-4M successfully passed mobility trials and hit defined targets on specified distances, demonstrating accuracy of Ukrainian weaponry.

BTR-4M Specifications
New BTR-4M with 8×8 wheel arrangement, equipped with NATO standard Deutz engine and Allison transmissions. Turbocharged 6-cylinder 11.9 liter diesel engine BF6M 1015Cp allows to have a  515 horsepower output at maximum 1800 rpm.

March of combat vehicles

Representatives of various departments of the Ministry of Defence of Indonesia controlled 100 km long march of combat vehicles.

Amphibious Capabilities
During the tests of amphibious capabilities, combat vehicles acted in the water steadily and smoothly.

Sea Trials
A number of different sea trials in different conditions have successfully been conducted.

Cross Inland
These new armored vehicles capable to cross inland water obstacles without any changes in configuration.

(Asian Military Review)

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