FORGACS and ASC Join Forces for Australian OPV Construction

FORGACS and ASC Join Forces for Australian OPV Construction

21 Maret 2017

Two shortlisted designers for SEA 1180 are Scheepswerf Damen Gorinchem of the Netherlands and Lürssen Werft of Germany (image : Damen)

CIVMEC and ASC Shipbuilding Join Forces for Australian Defence Programs 

SINGAPORE – Australia-based Civmec Ltd (“Civmec” or the “Group”), through its wholly owned subsidiary, Forgacs Marine and Defence Pty Ltd (“Forgacs”), today announced it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with ASC Shipbuilding Pty Ltd (“ASC Shipbuilding”) to jointly bid for the build of 12 Offshore Patrol Vessels (“OPVs”) for the Royal Australian Navy (“RAN”).

ASC Shipbuilding and Forgacs were jointly chosen by two of the three shortlisted designers to work with them on the tender for the Commonwealth Government’s OPV program, known as Project SEA 1180. B.V. Scheepswerf Damen Gorinchem of the Netherlands and Lürssen Werft GmbH & Co. KG of Germany are two of the shortlisted designers. ASC Shipbuilding and Forgacs will work with both companies on their bids for Project SEA 1180 and also to explore opportunities to build other Minor War Vessels for the RAN and export markets.

ASC Shipbuilding and Civmec/Forgacs have agreed to share intellectual property regarding shipbuilding and steel fabrication. If the tender is successful, ASC Shipbuilding and Forgacs will form a 50:50 joint venture to build the OPVs, utilizing the expertise of the experienced ship designers from Europe. Two OPVs will be built at ASC Shipbuilding’s facilities in South Australia and the remainder at Civmec/Forgacs’ facilities in Western Australia.

The ASC Shipbuilding and Forgacs joint venture provides an integrated solution to OPV production with seamless transition of the construction activity from South Australia to Western Australia.

“It sees the two main shipbuilding hubs of Adelaide in South Australia and Henderson in Western Australia becoming closely linked in a relationship which will offer considerable advantages to a national naval shipbuilding industry,” said Civmec Chairman, Mr. James Fitzgerald.

The ASC Shipbuilding and Forgacs joint venture will contribute to the Federal Government’s naval ship building policy and creates the foundations for a fresh look at Australia’s future shipbuilding capabilities. It combines ASC Shipbuilding’s in-depth shipbuilding knowledge and Air Warfare Destroyer platform delivery experience with the skills and efficiency of Civmec – Australia’s largest, innovative and highly efficient steel fabricator for maritime and offshore applications.

Forgacs is an integrated, multi-disciplined construction and engineering services provider to the maritime and defence infrastructure sectors in Australia. It has a rich history with an exceptional reputation, previously providing shipbuilding services to the RAN and some of the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers. Civmec acquired the Forgacs name, shipyard facilities and assets located in Newcastle, New South Wales, in early 2016. 

ASC Shipbuilding is Australia’s largest builder of steel-hulled warships, as lead shipbuilder in the Air Warfare Destroyer program. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of ASC Pty Ltd, which is owned by the Federal Government. ASC Shipbuilding has approximately 1200 full time personnel with expertise in naval platform design, engineering, supply chain and project management and highly skilled trade and technical personnel.

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