50,000 hour Milestone for RAAF VIP Fleet

20 April 2017

One of two RAAF BBJs. (photo : Aus DoD)

The RAAF’s 34 Squadron has marked 50,000 flying hours with its current fleet of two Boeing BBJ and three Bombardier Challenger 604 Special Purpose Aircraft (SPA).

The 50,000 flying hour milestone was passed in March.

“Recent flood and cyclone damage in Queensland and northern New South Wales led 34SQN to provide transport for the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader to those regions,” 34 Squadron commanding officer Wing Commander Angus Porter told Air Force News.

Bombardier Challenger 604 (photo : Eugene Butler)

“That such a task coincided with the squadron surpassing 50,000 flying hours with the SPA fleet is exemplary of the flexibility and reliability that we have provided government.”

The aircraft, which are leased, first entered service in 2002. Based at Fairbairn Defence Establishment at Canberra Airport, they are used predominantly on government transport/VIP tasks.

Northrop Grumman Australia provides lease management and maintenance services for the aircraft.

(Australian Aviation)

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