Malaysian Scorpene Submarines Undergo Medium Overhaul

20 Oktober 2016

Malaysian Scorpene submarine (all photos : DCNS)

As the portal «Mer et Marine» in the material «DCNS sur le pont pour la première IPER des Scorpene malaisiens» first obtained Malaysia diesel submarines of the French construction type Scorpene Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Razak (commissioned in 2009 and 2010 respectively), average repair will take place. Overhaul period of boats of this type is six years. Repairs will be carried out in Malaysia by Boustead DCNS Naval Corporation (BDNC), which is a joint venture between the Malaysian group Boustead Heavy Industries Corporation (60%) and French shipbuilding concern DCNS (40%)

Repairing subs Tunku Abdul Rahman began in January 2016 at the Malaysian naval base in Kota Kinabalu, located on Borneo. Repairs will last a year, it will be held in a special hangar forces 200 people, including 60 foreigners and 20 DCNS employees, mainly from Brest and Toulon, who have special skills. 

In the course of the medium overhaul the main part of the boat equipment will be unloaded and then renovated in the workshops database Kota Kinabalu, where DCNS has built new repair facilities. Some of the equipment will be sent to France for the enterprise group in Brest, Toulon and Ruehl, or to their producers. 

At the same time DCNS will act as a repair of the main artist, in his studio much of the work will be carried out. BDNC responsible for the mechanical work at the shipyard, BHIC responsible for dismantling and delivery of materials to the shipyard.

DCNS is present in Malaysia since the late 2000s with the aim of providing services to the Navy of the country to maintain its first submarines. For the group, these works are important, because for the first time DCNS conducting repair this level abroad on submarine Scorpene type boats. Although in the Tunku Abdul Rahman followed by a second boat Tun Razak, this program serves to illustrate the long-term penetration of the French manufacturer for the local market. For the first time outside of France established a new organization of work, which is responsible for the service division of DCNS. 

This program is the successor of the special shipyards established in Toulon within maintenance frigates type the La Fayette is , and “forward bases” like Kota Kinabulu have their own resources and staff. But at the same time the head office is located in France. This “rear base” performs administrative functions, it gathers all the key professions, as well as being a global resource management, and capacity utilization, as well as decisions regarding the entry into new markets. There also is used to manage the combat system, supply chain management and repair, in excess of the possibility of “forward bases”, if necessary, forming a special team to complement local talent. 

As part of this policy, DCNS has made a major policy training and technology transfer. To repair the Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Razak in 2015 more than 80 Malaysians have been trained, and now they can develop competencies in place and increase the capacity of its local partners, who are also “certified.”


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