PANUS New Phantom 380-X1 4×4 MRAP

16 Mei 2017

Phantom/Cobra 4×4 MRAP (all photos : Panus) 

The PHANTOM 380-X or Cobra 4X4 rubber-wheeled vehicle was built in Thailand by D-Corps Asia.

Structure under the car Can withstand explosion level 4B. Mobility on the road in terrain.

A versatile 4×4 armored vehicle for reconnaissance in hazardous areas. You can carry 11 soldiers, including 1 pilot and 1 unit commander.

Cummins 380 Euro 3 engine.

Type 6 cylinder turbo 380 horsepower torque at 1835 NM at 1200 rpm, capacity 10.8 liters GVW19000KG 6-speed automatic transmission

100 amp x 2 alternating current, 150 amp x 6 24V, max speed 110 km / h

Car Dimension: 8315mm wide, 2500mm high, 3200mm


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