Air Force Activates 5th Fighter Wing; Defense, Tactical, Mobility Commands

21 Juli 2017

5th Fighter Wing at Basa Air Base (photo : zamboanga)

The Philippine Air Force, on July 20, implemented a major reorganization amid the gradual arrival of its different types of aircraft and state-of-the-art equipment.

The Air Force activated the Air Defense Command (ADC) from Air Defense Wing (ADW) which was deactivated at the same event. The 5th Fighter Wing was also reactivated.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Air Divisions – also deactivated today – became Tactical Operations Wing under reactivated Tactical Operations Command (TOC). Moreover, the 600th, 560th, and 530th Air Base Wings were downgraded to Air Base Groups.

Air Mobility Command (AMC) which was also reactivated was put under the command and control of Air Force Commanding General, Lieutenant General Edgar R. Fallorina AFP.

PAF air bases (image : PAF)

“With the TOC, ADC, and AMC, we shall carry on performing our mission. We shall carry on being the JET Force for greater peace and security. We shall continue to demonstrate our collective resolve and political will to seek, keep, and sustain peace at all cost,” the Air Force commander said.

Lieutenant General Fallorina underscored that organizational changes and development are important considering the “prevailing strategic realities and operational requirements” of the Armed Forces.

Fallorina also vowed that changes will not affect the number of personnel and current air assets. ““For all intents and purposes, ang lahat ng pagbabago na ito are seen to fortify our JET FORCE strength and courage, and their projection, both for real application and deterrence,” he said.


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