The UAC Confirmed its Readiness to Start Production the Su-35 of Indonesia and the UAE

The UAC Confirmed its Readiness to Start Production the Su-35 of Indonesia and the UAE

23 Juli 2017

Sukhoi Su-35 and Su-30Mk2 (image : KNAAPO)

Moscow.INTERFAX.RU – The production facilities of the United Aircraft Corporation are ready to implement large export contracts for the delivery of the Su-35, UAC President Yury Slyusar told Interfax.

“The production capacity of the Su-35 is such that we are ready right now, without adjusting the contract with the Defense Ministry, to start implementing major foreign contracts,” Slyusar said, responding to Interfax’s question about the readiness to sell the Su-35 supplies from Indonesia and the UAE.

He stressed that the production capacity exceeds the current level of demand and covers the requirements under the State Defense Order.

Viktor Kladov, Director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy of the State Corporation Rostek, said earlier that the contract for the supply of Russian multi-purpose super maneuverable Su-35 fighter aircraft has already been agreed upon and will be signed in 2017.

Earlier it was reported that we are talking about the supply of Indonesia’s 12 Su-35 aircraft.

The head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC), Dmitry Shugaev, reported that Russia has begun pre-contract work on deliveries of the Su-35 to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

In April, Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov announced that the UAE could buy several dozen Su-35 fighters from the Russian Federation.

The Su-35 fighter was developed at the Sukhoi Design Bureau. It is a deeply modernized super maneuverable multifunctional fighter of the “4 ++” generation.


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