Indonesia to Launch ‘Tank Boat’ with Amphibious Capabilities

28 Oktober 2016

Tank boat (image : Lundin)

State-owned land system and weapons maker PT Pindad is set to launch a new Indonesian-made weapon system that combines the capabilities of a tank and ship, dubbed the “Tank Boat”, at the Indo Defense Expo in Jakarta on Nov. 2 to 5. 

The Defense Ministry’s technology and defense industry director, Brig. Gen. Jan Pieter Ate, said the Tank Boat was a premier technology in the world today where it combined the land capabilities of a tank, as well as maneuverability in water as that of a ship.

“So it integrates combined combat maneuverability, and this is the first technology [of its kind] in the world. This is a product of Indonesia,” Jan Pieter said on Wednesday, as quoted by 

The Tank Boat was 18 meters in length and required 12 people to operate, he further said. It could be used for beach-side military operations as it also could camouflage itself among the mangroves, he said, adding that the Tank Boat was also able to maneuver in water to a depth of 90 meters.

Jan Pieter said such a weapon system would be beneficial in archipelagic countries, such as Indonesia.

He conveyed that the government hoped to reduce dependency on imports, and as such continue its efforts to develop the domestic defense industry.

He further noted that utilizing domestic products would reduce state budget expenses, without compromising quality. 

“The government wants to be less dependent on products from abroad, and that the domestic industry fulfills [the country’s] defense needs. We’ll continue efforts to develop the domestic industry,” he said.

(The Jakarta Post)

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