PT Tugas Anda Unveils New Armored Vehicle

05 November 2016

Turangga based on Ford 550 series chassis (photos : Defense Studies)

Indonesian company PT Tugas Anda is developing a new armored vehicle that unveis at the Indo Defence Expo & Forum 2016 take place in Jakarta, Indonesia from November 02th to 05th 2016.

The Turangga armoured personnel carrier based on a Ford 550 series chassis, which has been fitted with a new all-welded steel armour hull.

The Turangga APC is specifically designed for high speed mobility operations such as Quick Reaction Force, and Convoy Escort duties. With a large payload, crew compartment and an option to fit a large remote controlled weapons station enables Turangga to provide an ideal fire support platform.

The vehicles components such as suspension and brake system are fully upgraded to meet the specification of the end usage enabling the vehicle to take on many rolls, both military and civil defense.

(Defence Blog)

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