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The Latest Version of Terrex

06 Februari 2017

In his debut at Eurosatory 2016 exhibition, the upgraded version of the Armoured Personnel Carrier TERREX line produced by Singapore have arrived with looks quite gallant. (photo : Jane’s)

TERREX 3 is the latest variant aimed at the export market of the line Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) TERREX 8×8, designed and built with the cooperation between the two companies ST Kinetics (Singapore) and Timoney Technology (Ireland ).

This version weighing up to 35 tons (5 tons heavier than the predecessor TERREX 2), but in return, the two factors and armor protection capacity has been significantly enhanced.

Armoured Personnel Carrier TERREX 3 (photo : Jane’s)

Review TERREX models:

TERREX 1 : The first version with volume 24 tons, officially launched at DSEi 2001 Exhibition, this variant is equipped with a spacious for Singapore Army since 2006 with the number of 135 units.

Terrex-1 version (photo : BQ-T)

TERREX 2: The Next Generation, there were improvements in the turret design and appearance to be more suitable for the promotion of exports, this version was first introduced in March 9/2015.

Terrex-2 version (photo : ST Kinetics)

Sentinel 2: Map of TERREX Paper-Based Test 3, product is a collaboration between ST Kinetics and Elbit Systems in order to win the contract for Project Land 400 Phase 2 of the Royal Australian Army, however this model has not been approved.

Design of TERREX 3 quite gallant, causing huge boost for the world arms market (photo : Jane’s)

Weapons, TERREX 3 has a turret automatically MT30 with optical viewfinder equipped with the type of glass such as Ivory Z, DTV, POS … allows car can perform well both day and night and in all conditions weather.

1 turret mounted on Orbital ATK Mk 44 cannons Bushmaster 30 mm and one 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun. More specifically, anti-tank missiles Rafael Spike LR range of 4 km and 4 launch tubes bullet camouflage smoke is also integrated.

V chassis systems and durability certainly be developed by Timoney Technology (Ireland) (photo : shephard)

TERREX 3 similar chassis version TERREX 2 8×8 drive configuration with full independent suspension system allows the car to move well on all types of terrain, increase the stability when running high-speed (up to 105 km /hour).

The cockpit layout and left front engine, equipped with an LCD display 6 panoramic external to the vehicle’s operating condition (photo : ST Kinetics)

The heart of the V6 TERREX 3 Caterpillar C9.3 ACERT engine power reaches 600 horsepower, combined with 7-speed automatic transmission Allison 4500SP. 

The tail is manufacturer ST Kinetics designed quite “cool” penchant future. Unfortunately, there is no TERREX 3 amphibious capabilities as its predecessor (photo : Jane’s)

TERREX 3 carrying 13 soldiers (including the driver and gunner). According to ST Kinetics, the armor of the car is built on the type of welded steel with a specific module, allowing withstand the kind of modern anti-tank missiles or shells from 25 to 30 mm.

SENTINEL-2 trial version exclusively for the Australian Army with matching camouflage coat desert environment and the installation of additional armor cage hips (photo : Tim Fish)

Finally, as the pattern other Armoured Personnel Carrier, TERREX 3 is also equipped with air-conditioning systems, fire alarm systems and prevention of weapon of mass destruction (NBC). The export potential of the APC is to be quite bright.


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