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    IAI Unveils Unique Operational Foliage-Penetrating Radar

    18 Maret 2017ELM-2112FP- persistent surveillance foliage penetration radar (photo : IAI)System Capable of Detecting Moving Targets in Forests and Dense Vegetation; Addresses the 'Intelligence Gap' in Wooded AreasIsrael Aerospace Industries (IAI) is unveiling its...

    All Six Collins Submarines would Serviceable in Four Years

    22 Oktober 2016Collins class submarine (photo : techport)Subs 'mediocre to excellent' in four yearsFrom the dark days when the Navy was hard-pressed to sustain a single operational Collins submarine, it's now able to keep...

    Portuguese Navy Warships Offered to Philippine Navy

    22 Desember 2016NRP Baptista de Andrade F486 (photo : Joao Viana)Portuguese Navy warships were offered to the Philippine Navy and other countries, MaxDefense Philippines said in its social networking page today. These warships, according...

    6 Squadron Completes Final Super Hornet Flight

    29 November 2016Aircraft A44-216 an F/A-18F Super Hornet from No 6 Squadron at Amberley AFB. (photo : RAAF)The RAAF’s 6 Squadron has completed its last flight with the F/A-18F Super Hornet as the unit...

    Indonesia to Maintain Saudi Arabian Military Aircraft

    26 November 2016Cougar helicopter of the Royal Saudi Air Force (photo : Giovanni Colla) Starting in 2017, state-owned aircraft manufacture PT Dirgantara Indonesia (DI) will maintain Saudi Arabian military helicopters and aircraft.CN-235 airlifter of the...

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