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Singapore Completes Checks on Terrex Vehicles Previously Detained by Hong Kong

08 Februari 2017

A Singapore Armed Forces’ 8×8 Terrex infantry carrier vehicle (ICV), similar to the nine detained in Hong Kong in November 2016. (photo : Cari)

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) has completed a series of checks and maintenance tasks on the nine 8×8 Terrex infantry carrier vehicles (ICVs) previously detained by the Hong Kong authorities, the Singapore Army announced via an official social media channel on 6 February.

The ICVs, which were detained on 23 November at the Hong Kong Customs and Excise Department’s River Trade Terminal following inspections, were released in January 2017. The vehicles were originally in transit to Singapore via a commercial freighter after completing an SAF training exercise in Taiwan.

The Hong Kong government has cited possible breaches of its strategic commodities regulations as a reason for the detention.

“The ICVs and equipment will be deployed for training shortly,” the Singapore Army said via its social media post, although no further details on this was provided.


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