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Phillipines Plans to Buy Diesel-Electric Submarines

18 Oktober 2016

Type 212 submarine (photo : Supernova)

Before the unpredictable due to disputes related to the South China Sea, Philippine strengthening fund for defense procurement plans, including the Type 212 submarines.

Information on the procurement of the Navy submarine Philippines is the press agency of the government said in a statement.

“We need to accelerate the process of modernizing the military for self-defense needs, the Philippines is the natural transit point in the Pacific, and now we are considering whether to require submarine fleet or not”.

Although this statement is only hinted about the possibility of buying submarines but the Philippines Navy Mb news site in late 2015 revealed entirely different information.

According to the source, the Philippine Navy has something to Germany an unspecified number of naval officers to learn to drive submarines.

Based on the information above, almost certain that the Philippines has decided to buy at least two Type 212 submarines produced by Germany. However not clear when the official Philippines ordered submarines.

According to the recommendation of the manufacturer, the Type 212 series is equipped with the technology of the NATO military climax.

Most especially the air propulsion system independently AIP helps Type 212 submarine dive with longer time, far exceeding the maximum dive time of 636 Kilo-class Russian submarines or French Scorpene.

What makes the difference of the Type 212 is that they are designed unique hydrodynamics allows it to work in the deep waters just 17 meters away. It allows access to the coast closer than any submarines in the world.

In addition, the Type 212 is made from a type of steel is not magnetic helped create it completely invisible to the magnetic detection devices (MAD) mounted on submarines, aircraft and helicopters underground hunting Underground hunting. In other words, it fully immunized before the device’s MAD US, NATO or Russia.

In particular, the engine capacity on the submarine Type 212 AIP has been proven. 4/2006 month Type 212 submarine U-32 numbers set a record for non-nuclear submarines constantly diving distance of 1,500 nautical miles without surfaced.

May 5/2013, submarine U-36 was up another record when diving continuously for 18 days without using snorkel.

On muscle strength, Type 212 submarines are equipped with 533mm torpedo tubes 6 can deploy various types of modern torpedoes. For example, homing torpedoes with a range DM2A4 optic cable up to 50 km; Mod.3 WASSS A184 torpedo; Black Shark torpedoes and anti-ship cruise missiles, Harpoon.

The near future, Germany is attempting to develop cruise missile has a range of further land for deployment for Type 212.

Still worse in Kilo 636 cruise missile systems, but the Type 212 submarine offset property formidable antiaircraft fire system IDAS guided missile has a range of fiber to 20 km (beyond us shoulder-style air defenses on the Russian submarine).

More specifically, the Type 212 design launchers for UAVs 3 reconnaissance missions, as well as a small 30-mm cannon Murane can support activities underwater warfare.

Based on the task can be completed by Type 212 shows, a Philippine official when signing the contract with German manufacturer this will also mean the Type 212 diesel-electric submarine is the world’s leading struggled in the South China Sea.


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