Russian Ministry of Defense will Purchase a Batch of BT-3F APC

Russian Ministry of Defense will Purchase a Batch of BT-3F APC

28 April 2017

BT-3F amphibious infantry fighting vehicle (photo : Army Recognition)

The Ministry of Defense will purchase a batch of BT-3F armored personnel carriers

VOLGOGRAD – RIA Novosti. The Russian Defense Ministry plans to purchase a batch of new BT-3F armored personnel carriers for trial operation, Deputy Defense Minister Yury Borisov said today as part of a working visit to defense enterprises of Volgograd.

“The practice of initiative works is welcomed by the Ministry of Defense, but there is a rule: any technique, made in an initiative manner, must meet our requirements.”We are not present in the process of creating initiative technology, but only at the stage of its trial operation. Therefore, by agreement, we will purchase a batch, and the results will draw conclusions. We have a specialized research institute, it conducts tests,” Borisov said.

Now the armament of the Russian army consists of MT-LB armored vehicles, which were manufactured in Ukraine. The BT-3F armored personnel carrier was designed to replace Ukrainian armored cars.

(RIA Novosti)

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