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FNSS Shows Modern Medium Weight Tank "Kaplan MT"

09 Mei 2017

Modern Weight Medium Tank (photo : donanimhaber)

IDEF 2017 – Turkey Presents a Prototype of the New Tank “KAPLAN MT”

13th International Fair of Defense Industry, “IDEF 2017”, which demonstrated very recently developed products in the defense industry, was presented for the first time the prototype of the middle weight category tank, which the Turkish company defense systems, FNSS, has developed together with its Indonesian partner.

FNSS Defence Systems, one of Turkey’s main producers of terrestrial systems to the defense industry, is presenting at the fair also new tools and recent developments, which have reached new platforms.

Ready for testing, the tank “KAPLAN MT”  (tank National – Tiger)  of the middle weight category, which FNSS Union has developed a joint work with its Indonesian partner, PT Pindad, is presented to visitors IDEF 2017.

“KAPLAN MT” is poised to become a strong player with maximum precision skills to direct fire, with multiple alternatives of ammunition, as well as high mobility tactical-strategic. 

The tank in question has built a cannon Cockerill 105 mm high pressure and an automatic charger sophisticated CMI Cockerill 3105. Thanks to this combat system, “KAPLAN MT” reaches a high destructive power despite the small weight.

While the interior of the combat vehicle, except ergonometrisë crew and tactical situations, is designed to keep carefully in mind the conditions, which may face during combat as direction, fired weapons and uploading the issuance of ammunition.

Kaplan MT medium weight tank (photo : TRT)

Special design of the driver’s seat ensures that it has a sufficient visual space and catch all the equipment inside the cabin. “KAPLAN MT” is also equipped with laser warning system and that militant leader, who provides tactical awareness to control the vehicle.

In its category, “KAPLAN MT” has a protection at the highest level ballistic and from mine, while enabling the user to provide a rapid response to the strength of adequate fire in a short time against threats on the battlefield.

In an assessment of the tank “KAPLAN MT”, the general director of the company FNSS, Nail Kurt, he has drawn attention to the means and skills developed model.

Noting that “KAPLAN MT” is a very special tool, Nail Kurt stated that “in advanced stages of the project, as demonstrated in the field of tank performance will also be presented more clearly the effectiveness of the design.” 

“We are very pleased to have developed this tool with our Indonesian partners. FNSS shall implement successfully for years various cooperation models. In Malaysia we are conducting AV8 project with our partner DEFTECH. In Saudi Arabia I manage a state-owned factory through the company our with joint venture FNSS ME. and in Indonesia are developing a different model, a joint product. with the technology and experience that owns, FNSS Union is ready to work about different models with friendly and allied countries ” said Kurt.


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