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"Excalibur Army" Unveils BM-21MT Grad in 4×4 Platform

02 Juni 2017

Excalibur Army BM-21MT Grad 4×4 (all photos : defence24)

The exhibition IDET 2017, Excalibur Army demonstrated a modernized version of 122 mm MLRS BM- 21MT Grad (BM-21 MT “Grad”, 4×4), said “Military Parity”.

The basic system is designed for fire support of ground troops on the firing distance of 2,000 to 20,000 meters. The main requirement for the modernization was to increase shooting accuracy and reduce the time of preparation for firing, as well as the rapid abandonment of position.

System is equipped with 40 rockets, Czech’s  Excalibur Army modernization allowed to slightly improve the characteristics of range – the minimum shooting distance is reduced to 1.600 m, and maximum increased to 20.380 m, 

Launch all rockets takes about 20 seconds and covered 70 hectares. The maximum speed of  vehicle is 90 km/h.


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