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Vietnam Interested in Project 21300S Submarine Rescue Ship

27 Oktober 2016

Project 21300S “Igor Belousov” submarine rescue ship (all photos : Almaz)

Vietnam needed a Russian “Dolphin”

Vietnam Ministry of Defense intends to order the newest Russian search-and-rescue ship Project 21300S “Dolphin”, the interest of which previously also expressed was India. Experts believe that Hanoi are interested in not only saving, but also the possibility of Russian hydrographic ships, which will help Vietnam get further justification of his rights to the disputed islands in the South China Sea.

In early October, the Vietnamese military asked the Russian side to provide data on prices and complete the Project 21300S ships. “Izvestia” said an informed military-diplomatic source. According to him, at present, domestic military experts are preparing an offer.

A letter was sent to the Vietnamese side at the beginning of the month – said the source publication. – It contains a request regarding a possible transaction price, as well as complete vehicles. As expected, after the transmission of the response and its study of the Vietnamese party will begin formal negotiations.

According to the source, Vietnam initially cautious about the idea of ​​buying an ocean rescue ship, citing the high cost of hundreds of millions of dollars. But then Hanoi reconsidered its position.

The Ministry of Defence of Vietnam, as well as the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, “Izvestia” is not able to provide you with comments.

The first ship of the project 21300S “Igor Belousov” was commissioned in 2015, and this year he went to a permanent place of service in the Pacific Fleet. Along the way, he made some kind of a promotional tour, including paid visits to the ports of India and Vietnam. The two countries are actively cooperating with Russia in the military sphere – in particular, the purchase submarines. Back in August, it became known on the Delhi to the ships of this class interest, and now followed the example of the Indian Navy in Vietnam.

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