Modern Medium Weight Tank Breaks Cover

Modern Medium Weight Tank Breaks Cover

02 November 2016

FNSS’s concept design for Indonesian medium tank (image : FNSS)

Indonesia’s PT Pindad and FNSS Savunma Sistemleri of Turkey have revealed details of the Modern Medium Weight Tank (MMWT) that the companies are partnering to develop.

Under the terms of this joint development programme, which started two years ago, two prototypes are being built, one in Indonesia and the other in Turkey, both of which are scheduled to be completed sometime in 2017. There will be one additional hull that will be used for ballistic and mine protection trials.

Specification from the Indonesian Army for medium tank (photo : Kaskus Militer)

The main role of the MMWT will be to engage light and medium armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs) such as reconnaissance platforms, infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs), armoured personnel carriers (APCs) and combat support vehicles, rather than tackling heavier, well-armed MBTs.


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