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Russia Offers Amur 1650 Submarine with AIP

04 November 2016

Amur 1650 with AIP technology (photo : Soha)

Russia Ready to Export Submarine with AIP

JAKARTA -. RIA Novosti – Russia ready to export non-nuclear submarines with anaerobic (air independent) power plant,  the official representative of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

Anaerobic power plant – the latest development of the Russian military-industrial complex. Its main advantage – increased stealth submarine; submarine is able to stay longer under water without surfacing to recharge batteries.

“In the case of announcement of the tender for the construction of submarines air independent power plant, we are ready to offer the most modern technology,” – said the representative of FSMTC opened in Jakarta on arms exhibition Indo Defence 2016.

Cutting the budget did not affect the construction of new submarines for the Russian Navy
He stressed that, in particular, non-nuclear submarines, “Amur-1650” (export version of Project 677) is one of the most technologically advanced projects air independent power plant, which is not only able to compete with the products of foreign manufacture, “but in many ways superior to its “.

Experts believe that, in particular, this proposal could be of interest to India, which is the last few years is in the process of announcing a tender for the purchase of six non-nuclear submarines equipped with an anaerobic plant (AIP).

Here is a categorical condition of the Indian submitting. Along with the Russian “Amur-1650” in this tender we are ready to participate with France submarine “Scorpene”, Germany with the “U-214” and Spain with the “S-80”.

(RIA Novosti)

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