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RTN Held a Ceremony to Take Delivery of Five New Helicopter into the Naval Aviation

12 November 2016

Five Airbus Helicopters EC645T2 of the Royal Thai Navy (all photos : Royal Thai Navy) 

On November 10, 2016 at 13:20 am, Air Naval Commander,  presided over the ceremony of five new air transport helicopter (transport helicopter model EC645 T2) active in Navy Helicopter Squadron.

The Navy signed a contract with Airbus Helicopters Ltd of France to supply 5 EC645 T2 helicopters for use in air transport missions and naval support ship operations,  including search and rescue of victims at sea and on land. A device for moving patients and victims in the sea as well as moving patients from the ship to land.

The EC645 T2 helicopter is features two 1788-horsepower engine with a width of 7.86 meters, in length 13.63 meters, high, 3.1 meters,  empty weight 2.385 kg maximum payload of 3,700 kg, a top speed of 150 knots (270 km/hour), maximum altitude of 20,000 feet, max range 648 km. The helicopter installed with 7.62mm machine gun, helicopters can carry up to eight people.

The helicopter model EC645 T2 represents a light helicopter which has been upgraded in transmission (gear) and the rotor, tail-coated (fenestron) to increase the safety of landing and in flight and reduce noise and vibration. For the cockpit all in digital formats, Night Vision Goggle compatible with camera systems can operate at night, with computer-controlled positioning systems – a target with a laser pointer. display and infrared – electrolyte optics, and notification system for pilots it can operate in sea.

The five all weather helicopters are service in 202 Squadron Royal Flying Squadron, 2nd Division of Naval Aviation Fleet.

(Royal Thai Navy)

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