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New Zealand to Phase Out Four Inshore Patrol Vessels

17 November 2016

Four inshore patrol vessel was launced in 2007 and commissioned in 2009. (photo : rnzngunners)

New Zealand to phase out Lake-class inshore patrol vessels

The Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) will progressively phase out its Lake-class in line with plans to acquire a third offshore patrol vessel (OPV), a document released by the country’s Ministry of Defence on 16 November has confirmed.

The service currently operates a class of four 55 m Lake-class inshore patrol vessels (IPVs) that were commissioned between April and May 2009. The boats were originally intended for maritime patrols and surveillance duties along New Zealand’s coastline out to 24 n miles.

The 345-tonne platform has a standard range of 3,000 n miles at 15 kt, and can accommodate a crew of 20 with spare berths for 16 personnel.


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