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Metal Shark Completed 18 High Speed Boat for Vietnam

26 November 2016

Metal Shark Defiant 45 high speed boat (all photos : Metal Sharks)

The New York Times dated 21/11, the company’s US Metal Shark has finished close lot 18 Metal Shark speedboat Defiant 45 for Vietnam Coast Guard.

Speaking before the US media, said Chris Allard, CEO of Metal Shark said: “Currently we are in the middle of completing orders 18 high-speed patrol boat kind of Defiant 45 for foreigners”.

Meanwhile, the New York Times dated 21/11 led military source said, adding that the country, line 18 highway patrols are lots Defiant 45 vessels built for the customer is Vietnam Marine Police.

According to the manufacturer, they received orders to close four highway ferry (26 meters long, carrying 149 guests) to New York in May 7/2016, besides the plant also completed 18 high-speed patrol boats for customers of Vietnam.

The completion of lot 18 ships Defiant 45 for Vietnam is considered quite unexpected information by month 3/2016, the new American manufacturer announced the beginning of the test run this ship lots.

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