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Royal Thai Army Buys AW149 and Six AW139s

13 Desember 2016

AW149 of the Royal Thai Army (photo : Helihub) can exclusively announce that Leonardo appear to have made their first AW149 sale, with an aircraft for the Royal Thai Army now being test flown.  Seen in Marco Bianchi’s photo here, which he has given us permission to use, the Thai military flash is seen on the tail of this otherwise anonymous aircraft.  A large square sticker has been placed over the national roundel of Thailand.  There is no information currently available on how many have been ordered.

In recent weeks, the Royal Thai Army has also taken delivery of six AW139s, with serial numbers 41520 through 41525 from the US AW139 production line.  The first three of these were delivered in September, with the second batch of three following in October


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