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Fiji Buys 10 Refurbished Australian Bushmasters

09 Februari 2017

Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles (photo : ausairpower)

Bushmaster sale another boost to Fiji-Australia defence partnership

Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon Marise Payne today welcomed the sale of 10 refurbished Australian Defence Force Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles to Fiji to support the Republic of Fiji Military Forces’ United Nations peacekeeping missions at the Golan Heights and in Syria.

“Fiji will use the vehicles to form part of the force protection mix that protects UN Observers in the Golan Heights and Syria, which includes Australian Defence Force personnel,” Minister Payne said.

“The sale of the Bushmasters is a significant milestone in Defence cooperation between Australia and Fiji.

“Australia and Fiji have a long and proud history of peacekeeping.

“Enhancing peacekeeping cooperation with Fiji reflects the strength of the relationship and underscores the importance of working with partners in the region.”

Minister Payne said the Bushmaster was widely recognised as one of the finest protected mobility vehicles in the world, and has saved countless Australian Defence Force lives on operation.

“Bushmasters provide Australian troops with mobility and protection, including against improvised explosive devices, and I’m proud that Fiji is buying our vehicles,” she said.

“The refurbished vehicles will be overhauled, serviced, inspected and repainted to ensure they are fully operational, and reconfigured to meet Fiji’s specific requirements.”

Seven vehicles will be deployed to the Golan Heights and Syria, and three vehicles will be transported to Fiji for pre‑deployment training by mid-2017.

(Aus DoD)

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