RTN’s New Frigate, the Most Powerful Frigate in Sout East Asia

RTN’s New Frigate, the Most Powerful Frigate in Sout East Asia

10 Februari 2017

Stealth ship frigates DW-3000F number 471 of the Royal Thai Navy (photo : RTN)

According to the images that appear on the Internet, first DW-3000F stealth frigates of the Royal Thai Navy with hull number 471 main power has been installed, its radar tower also relatively complete.

According to the contract signed with South Korean Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) will supply for Thailand one DW-3000F escort ships and technology transfer to build the second ship in this country.

The warships known as develoloped from prototype Gwanggaeto destroyer (KDX-1), the value of each ship up to 416 million.

3D realm Sea Giraffe AMB midrange radar and maritime navigation radar tower layout (image : Soha)

DW-3000F with full load of 3,700 tons of displacement; length 123 m; width 14.4 m; and 8 m draft. The ship is powered by combined diesel and gas engines, the maximum speed of 30 knots/h, a range of 4,000 nautical miles if sailing in the 18-nautical/h.

Sensors on DW-3000F is the realm of long-range radar Sea Giraffe 4A reconnaissance range 350 km; besides, Sea Giraffe AMB radar medium-range (range ; 180 km); comes with 3 maritime navigation radar; hydroacoustic positioning system (sonar) tensile and attached itself; 1 camera surveillance (including thermal imaging and TV channels); 2 jamming decoy launchers.

The armament of the ship is very strong and comprehensive, include 1 Oto Melara Super Rapid gun 76.2 mm; 2 ultra-range defense system near the Phalanx; 2 DS-30M gun pedestal size 30 mm Mark 2 automatic control; 2 Size 12.7mm M2 machine gun.

Vertical launch tubes and missile RIM-162 ESSM to equip DW-3000F (image : Soha)

Most notably on DW-3000F is the Mk 41 vertical launchers with eight launch tubes, which carries 32 medium-range air defense missile RIM-162 ESSM, or 8 RIM 66/67 Standard SM-2MR/ER, or VL ASROC anti-submarine missiles. Amidships also cruise missile launchers Harpoon anti-ship and anti-submarine lightweight torpedoes Mk 44.

Visible both in size and features, the DW-3000F of the Royal Thai Navy deserves to be regarded as No. 1 frigates in Southeast Asia, its power is even marginally better than Formidable class of the Republic of Singapore Navy.

This frigates will escort small aircraft carriers of the Navy with other warships owned many sizes, preparing to receive and then proceed to play in DW-3000F class warship, combined with attack submarines supplied by China, Thailand is on the road back to position the leading naval powers ASEAN.


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