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Vietnam’s S-300 has been Planned for Live-Fire Exercise in 2017

13 Februari 2017

S-300 PMU1 of the Vietnam Air Defence Division (photo : soha, baodatviet) 

Missile Regiment 64 of Division 361 (Hanoi Air Defence Division) is tasked for  protecting the capital sky as well as many other important objectives in the North.

With its special role, the regiment has been prioritized to equipped with the most modern air defense missile complexes S-300 PMU1 and self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery ZSU-23-4.

Due to the nature of the work, in any public holiday the officers and men of the unit always have the highest strengthen troop numbers, the plan ready synergistic with other units in the province to ensure political security, social order and safety where they are stationed.

In 2017, Regiment 64 will continue to innovate training plans for all kinds of armament, mixture armament in service, simultaneously with the implementation of the task of protecting the special occasion country.

The workload is huge requiring preparation plans to bring highest training efficiency. Lieutenant Colonel Le Tran Phuong – deputy regiment commander, chief of staff of Regiment 64, said:

“Right from the beginning of the year, along with combat readiness tasks, staff Regiment soldiers are also actively preparing all aspects of facilities for training missions in 2017, live fire exercise, training exercises as well as ZSU and S-300 complexes. This is the task that regimental training very seriously and improve their combat team to provide a basis for completing tasks of combat readiness in 2017 “.

So after much rehearsal began sticking ultimate goal, with information of Lieutenant Colonel Le Tran Phuong, to provide it in 2017, huge possibility is a complex of S-300PMU1 of Vietnam will conduct first live fire exercise.

This is the work necessary to get a comprehensive view of the training, combat readiness of Regiment 64 in particular, as well as air defense troops of Vietnam in general.

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