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Thailand would to Buy 12 Mi-17 Helicopters

14 Februari 2017

Mi-17V5 of the Royal Thai Army (photo : prachatalk)

Thailand said it would purchase 12 transport helicopters Mi-17V5 from Russia to replace the CH-47D Chinook of US-made.

This information is commanding the Royal Thai Army, General Thirachay Nakvanit said in a seminar on Implementing defense industry cooperation between Russia and Thailand capital Bangkok took place at the end of last January.

Once you’ve used a number of Russian helicopters, Thailand wants to buy helicopters Mi-17V5 Russia, first of all to carry out remedial works to natural disasters and emergencies, as well as to ensure the deployment of troops.

Thirachay Nakvanit minister said Thai Army budget request sent to the Cabinet, based on the price of Russian helicopters. The general also said that Russian aircraft had very good features, durable, cheap, easy repair and maintenance.

Under the plan, Russia and Thailand will sign a number of documents concerning bilateral cooperation, including the Protocol on cooperation in military-technical. It is known that in addition to helicopters Mi-17V5, the contract negotiations and sale of equipment for ground forces in Thailand are also being conducted.

Army Commander of Thailand, said he personally very supportive of the idea of ​​buying the weapons, vehicles and military equipment of the Russian Federation. The two countries are discussing the military contract new equipment needed, including for the air force and the army.

He noted that Thailand has begun using several helicopters purchased in Russia and believes that Thailand has the need to develop the defense industry and will bring benefits to Russia if the building cooperation in the field of production.

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