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Over P590-M Worth of Weapons to be Installed at PH Attack Vessels

04 Maret 2017

Rafael Mini Typhoon 12,7mm RWS with Spike ER missiles (photo : Poder Militar) 

The Department of National Defense (DND) announced the Philippine Navy’s (PN) upcoming three Multi-purpose Attack Crafts (MPAC MKIII) will be armed by Israeli firm under the MPAC (Lot 2) Weapons System and Missiles Acquisition Project worth P594,319,550.

According to Defense Update, the Rafael Advanced Defense Systems will make each Remote Weapon System (RWS) operate 12.7 heavy machine guns also and mount Spike-ER launchers. This will extend the boat’s firepower to more than 8 kilometers.

These acquisitions are significant because, for the Spike ER, it will be the very first missile system ever to officially enter service with our PN ships.

MPAC Mk-I (photo : PN)

The report said three Mini Typhoon remotely controlled stabilized gun mounts to arm the MPAC MKIII of the PN. Each will contain 2,000 rounds for 12.7mm, 4,000 rounds for 7.62mm ammunition, and 10 surface-to-surface missile canisters.

The new boats are constructed by a joint venture between Philippine shipbuilder Propmech Corporation and Taiwanese builder Lung Teh Shipbuilding Corporation.

PN is known to be operating six MPACs which are not armed with missiles. Three, 15-meter Mk I, were built by Lung Teh while the other three, 17-meter Mk II, were built by Propmech.


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