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Fourth A400M Arrived in Subang

15 Maret 2017

RMAF Atlas M5-04 (photo : Santi Bianquez)

Fourth A400M Safely Home

SHAH ALAM: The fourth and final Airbus A400M Atlas air lifter touched down at Subang this morning, culminating a contract signed 16 years ago. Atlas M54-04 arrived following a two-day ferry flight from Seville, Spain, where the A400M Final Assembly Line is located.

Although Airbus has said that the 04 will be in the latest tactical configuration, it was hard to distinguish her from the other three already in service with 22 Squadron.

Perhaps a closer inspection after her official unveiling at LIMA 17, next week, will give us the heads up on her differences with the other three Atlases. As of now, RMAF is not saying anything about 04 let alone her capabilities.

22 Squadron received its first A400M in March 2015, the second late in the same year and the third last June. 01 is now in Seville, Spain undergoing upgrading on the Airbus expense. The aircraft will be fitted with the latest tactical configuration.

As for LIMA, at least two A400M will take part, 04 likely on static display while 02 or 03 will be involved in flying display. There is no word whether they will be part of the daily air show or will only take part in the opening ceremony show. Based on previous LIMA’s it is likely the A400M will only take part in the opening ceremony show.

(Malaysian Defence)

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