CSOC Provided More Detail About Thai S26T

CSOC Provided More Detail About Thai S26T

24 Maret 2017

Model of S26T submarine for RTN (photos : TAF) 

“The ship will share similar design with the Yuan class. Despite some change, over design will be as much the same as Yuan class currently operated by PLAN” CSOC official told TAF.

RTN is under the process of submitting the proposal to buy the first of three ships to the cabinet for consideration. Data provided by CSOC indicated that the ship’s overall length will be 79.5 m, breadth 8.6 m, moduled depth will be 9.2 m, with the displacement of 2660 tons. The ship maximum speed is 18 knot with the maximum diving depth of 300 m and endurance of 8000 nm at 4 knot.

“In the case of Pakistan that they procured 8 ships. The company needs 2 – 3 years of design and construction will take 5 years” CSOC told TAF after she was asked about the time needed before the ship enter the commission.

Furthermore – despite the company did not confirm the type of weapon RTN will be received – weapon packages for RTN will be comprehensive and high performance.


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