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LM’s Sniper Targeting Pod for Indonesia

21 April 2017

Sniper advanced targeting pod for F-16 figthers (photo : f16-net)

US sells fighter jets in US$10 billion deals with Indonesia

U.S. and Indonesian companies are signing 11 commercial and investment agreements during U.S. Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Jakarta that the two governments say are worth a combined US$10 billion over time.

The deals include Lockheed Martin providing an advanced weapons targeting system for Indonesia’s F-16 fighter jets, ExxonMobil selling 1 million tons of liquid natural gas to state-owned oil and gas company Pertamina for 20 years starting in 2025, 

Honeywell supplying turboprop engines to Indonesian aerospace company Dirgantara Indonesia, and a US$2 billion electricity metering system organized by a consortium of companies. 

Pence told business leaders today the signings represent the “tremendous excitement” that U.S. based companies feel about investing in Indonesia. 

The deals were announced as part of Pence’s meetings with Indonesian-based business leaders. The vice president was departing for Australia later today.

(The Standard)

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