Majority of UH-IDs Now Airworthy — PAF

17 Mei 2017

PAF UH-1D (photo : DWDD)

MANILA — The Philippine Air Force (PAF) has declared that eight out of the 11 remaining UH-1D “Huey” combat utility helicopters airworthy after finding nothing mechanical wrong with the aircraft during recent inspections.

“They were grounded for the purpose of inspection and during individual inspections, no discrepancies were found on the UH-1Ds,” said PAF spokesperson Col. Antonio Francisco in Filipino Tuesday.

All of the PAF’s UH-IDs were grounded following a fiery crash in Tanay, Rizal which killed one pilot, two enlisted personnel and severely wounded another pilot last May 4.

Francisco said the eight are found airworthy after a close check by PAF personnel with another three awaiting inspection.

However, the PAF spokesperson could not give the exact cause for the May 4 crash as investigators are still conducting their work.

The PAF acquired the UH-IDs as part of their efforts to augment their existing UH-IH combat utility helicopters in 2014 and 2015.

Their acquisition were earlier scored by some groups as the UH-IDs were claimed to be defective.

The “D” designation in the UH-1 means that it was manufactured by Dornier, a German aircraft manufacturer which started construction of the UH-1 during 1967 to 1981.

Around 350 units were build by the German aircraft manufacturer.


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