Last Batch of F/A-50PH have Arrived in Clark AFB

Last Batch of F/A-50PH have Arrived in Clark AFB

31 Mei 2017

F/A-50PH with tail number 011 and 012 (photo : Peter Ho)

Last batch of Korean fighter jets arrives in PH

Two more FA-50 fighter jets from South Korea arrived on Wednesday morning at the Philippine Air Force Harribon Hangar in Clark Airbase, Pampanga.

The latest batch completes the PAF acquisition of 12 FA-50 fighter jets.

The jets with tail numbers 011 and 012 are capable of carrying short range air to air missiles, air to surface missiles with 2-seat capacity and a length of 43 feet.

The PAF said that the fighter jets are on standby in case these are needed for operations in Marawi, where terrorist group Maute besieged key areas.

(ABS-CBN News)

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