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Armour Modernisation Nears Completion

26 Oktober 2016

Rheinmetall is due to complete deliveries of the Leopard 2 RI main battle tank to Indonesia by March 2017 (photo : Yudi Yuviama)

Indonesia ordered 61 Leopard RI MBTs among other vehicles in a package worth some $280 million in December 2012. 

The other vehicles included were 42 Leopard 2+ MBTs, 42 upgraded Marder 1A3 infantry fighting vehicles and ten specialist vehicles (four Büffel armoured recovery vehicles, three Leguan bridge-layers and three armoured engineering vehicles)

Indonesia was the second Asian country to adopt the Leopard 2 after Singapore, although some wonder at Indonesia’s wisdom in purchasing such heavy MBTs given the country’s archipelagic nature, poor roads and jungle-clad terrain.

Marder IFV (photo : CNN)

All Leopard 2+ tanks have been handed over, this variant being a Leopard 2A4 with retrofitted air-conditioning system. Meanwhile, the first eight Leopard 2 RI MBTs reached Indonesian shores in May. 

‘RI’ tanks are 2A4s taken from surplus German Army stocks and upgraded by Rheinmetall to include an add-on Advanced Modular Armour Protection (AMAP) suite from IBD, plus all-electric gun control equipment to replace its electro-hydraulic system. The driver benefits from a rear-view camera, plus a 17kW auxiliary power unit fuels air-conditioning and other systems. 

Modification to the 120mm 44-calibre gun and associated sight system allows DM11 programmable HE rounds to be fired. PT Pindad, Indonesia’s premier state-owned defence manufacturer, is partnering with Rheinmetall to produce ammunition for and to support the Leopards and Marders.

Bushmaster 4×4 of the Kopassus (photo : Kaskus Militer)

Indonesian Marders have upgraded power packs, suspension and ballistic protection, plus an air-conditioning unit is fitted. The hull roof is raised 300mm to increase volume in the troop compartment. A Pindad spokesman told Shephard: ‘We’re currently discussing with the army to assist a second batch in a Marder enhancement programme that will enable conversion into various types: command, ambulance and logistic versions.’

Indonesia also received three Bushmaster 4×4 protected mobility vehicles from Thales Australia in February 2014 as part of a $2 million government-to-government sale. These are used by Indonesian KOPASSUS special forces. The army also possesses 22 Doosan DST 6×6 Black Fox vehicles procured in 2009. These South Korean vehicles are fitted with a CMI Defence CSE 90LP turret featuring a Cockerill 90mm gun.


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