Thailand’s First Win for Malaysia

Thailand’s First Win for Malaysia

06 November 2016

Deftech AV4 MRAP (photo : Chaiseri Defense)

Chaiseri Defense of Thailand (Hall A, Stand 254) is delivering a batch of 20 of its latest First Win (4×4) light armoured vehicles (LAV) to DEFTECH in Malaysia, where they will be fitted with local equipment and delivered to the Malaysian Army.

In addition to being used as an armoured personnel carrier (APC), the First Win is being marketed by Chaiseri Defense for a wide range of other applications such as armoured reconnaissance and an infantry fighting vehicle.

The Royal Thai Army has taken delivery of a batch of 21 First Win LAVs and is expected to place a contract for an additional 15 vehicles. The Thai Ministry of Justice Department of Special Investigation has taken delivery of 18 vehicles.

The Thai Police has a requirement for the First Win, and their versions are expected to be powered by a Cummins 250hp diesel engine rather than the 300hp engines fitted to current production vehicles.


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