Three Ahmad Yani Class Frigate Undergo Radar Upgrade

Three Ahmad Yani Class Frigate Undergo Radar Upgrade

06 November 2016

DA-05 medium range surveillance radar (photo : Thales)

Local electronics group PT Len (Hall D, Stand P002-BUMNIS) has disclosed details of an upgrade implemented for the legacy DA 05 surveillance radars fitted on board three of the Indonesian Navy’s six Ahmad Yani-class frigates.

Built by what was Hollandse Signaalapparaten, the DA 05 is a medium-range S-band radar used for surveillance and target indication.

Three Ahmad Yani class frigates will undergo radar upgrade (photo : Kaskus Militer)

The PT Len upgrade replaces the original magnetron transmitter with a 5kW solid-state power amplifier, and introduces digital signal processing while retaining the existing antenna and waveguide. 

Key features of the modernised DA 05 radar include frequency agility, 1,000 selectable channels, moving target indication, and automatic plot extraction and multi-hypothesis tracking. The entire unit has been re-architectured using COTS electronics.


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