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Vietnam Officially Operates Self-Produced Radar

07 November 2016

VRS-2DM radar (all photos : BaoDatViet)  

Monday 19/10, 2016, Air Force Academy (PK-KQ) held closing training 1st level of radar weaponry VRS-2DM for 1st levels staff.

Bao Phong newspaper said, during one month (from 20/9 to 10/19/2016), Grade 53 student advising radar weapons training VRS-2DM was the faculty of Military Telecom Corporation Viettel directly communicated, equipped with the basic knowledge about the technical features of tactics, procedures used to manipulate, making combat preparation, calibration, repair, maintenance procedures, periodic gas VRS-2 DM financial radar.

This is the focus of training to disseminate, equipped with radar weapons captured VRS-2DM low for units of the Air Force. At the closing ceremony Telecom Group Viettel has awarded certificates completed course “Coaching VRS-2DM radar weaponry” to the participants.

In related news, VRS-2DM radar was developed by Viettel Mobile, the prototypes based on the P-19 radar of the Soviet Union.

Capability of these radar to catch low target is very good, armed in units of the Air Force PK-KQ to perform tasks of combat readiness, airspace management and flight operation management.

Bao Phong adds, plans in the 1st 2016, the Air Force organized two training courses on VRS-2DM radar including introduction for 1 month training, technical  training class for 2 months.

Training process, officials at all levels of the Air Force will be introduced to the basics in terms of features, specifications, process utilization, making combat preparation, adjustment, repair, maintenance procedures, periodic VRS-2DM radar weaponry.

The introduction of VRS-2DM equipped contributed to raising fighting capacity of the unit, the realm of the sky, early warning of missile firepower division.

In addition, the radar system can also provide information for flak alarm escalated ready to destroy air targets, including low-flying targets, sticking terrain.

For the first time launch at the exhibition Vietnam’s Socio-Economic achievements in 2015 took place from late August to early September in Hanoi 9/2015, VRS-2DM system is 2D radar planes began low, high mobility users to the realm of national airspace and provide information for the air defense missile.

VRS-2DM is a mid-range 2D radar, used to detect air targets within the coverage area of ​​the station and provide information for the air defense missile.


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