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Australian Army Tests New Grenade Laucher

07 November 2016

New light-weight AGL of the Australian Army is GD Mk-47 (photo : contact)

Soldiers from 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment and Socomd tested the Mk 47 light-weight automatic grenade launcher (LWAGL), which also featured a light-weight video sight 2 (LVS-2).

Project Manager Major (Maj) Cameron Fraser described the technology as a “game changer” for Direct Fire Support Weapons platoons, artillery batteries, Special Forces and Air Force combat units.

“I can verify that the lethality and situational awareness of the LWAGL lives up to the hype,” he said.

CASG arranged the testing that also confirmed functionality, robustness and ease of use on the advanced fire control system.

Mk-47 AGL (photo : world.gun)

“First round target impact was observed on multiple occasions because of the increased accuracy of the LWAGL system complete with the LVS-2,” Maj Fraser said.

“The resolution of the day/night sighting system provided via the LVS-2 enabled detection and recognition out to 3km.”

Trial participants verified the reduction in weight of the LWAGL versus the legacy weapon, dismounted load configurations to facilitate rapid assembly, firing and disassembly.
They also started to develop procedures to optimise capability.

Army will roll out the launcher to infantry battalions and artillery regiments in 1, 3 and 7 Bdes, SASR, 2 Cdo Regt, Air Force Security Force squadrons, the School of Infantry and the School of Artillery from November this year through to June 2017.

(Australian Army)

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