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Myanmar to Buy New Chinese Y-9E Transport Aircraft

29 November 2016

Shaanxi Y-9 airlifter (photo : Weimeng)

The Myanmar Air Defence Force has agreed to buy a new Chinese-built Y-9E transport aircraft.

The Y-9E is an export version of Chinese Y-9 medium-range transport aircraft produced by Shaanxi Aircraft Company. Myanmar Air Force will be the first foreign customer of Y-9E transport aircraft.

Also, the new Y-9E transport aircraft looks to buy for Thailand and Venezuela Air Force and some customers in Africa.

The Y-9 is considered China’s attempt to build a C-130J class transport aircraft. The Y-9 is a medium-size tactical support aircraft that can be used for both military and civil flights. It is capable of carrying 98 armed soldiers or paratroopers, or 72 seriously wounded patients plus three medics. The basic version of  Y-9 has a payload of 25,000 Kg a range of 5,700 km (3,700 nm) and a ceiling of 10,400 m (34,120 ft).

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