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Singapore and Indian Air Forces Strengthen Ties and Enhance Operational Competencies in Joint Military Training

03 Desember 2016

The Republic of Singapore Air Force’s F-16D+ fighter aircraft (bottom) and the Indian Air Force’s Su-30 fighter aircraft (top) in a flight mission during the Joint Military Training. (photo : Sing Mindef)

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) and the Indian Air Force (IAF) are conducting a Joint Military Training (JMT) at Kalaikunda Air Force Station, India, from 7 November to 8 December 2016. The RSAF deployed six F-16D+ fighter aircraft and more than 100 personnel to train with the IAF’s four Su-30 fighter aircraft in this year’s JMT.

Highlighting the significance of the RSAF’s participation in the JMT, the RSAF Detachment Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Stanley Selva, said, “The JMT is a valuable opportunity for the two air forces to interact and train together. This bilateral training not only helps to enhance our operational skills, but also strengthens the rapport and mutual understanding between personnel from the RSAF and the IAF.”

The JMT has grown in complexity over the years to involve advanced fighter aircraft from both air forces and high-end training missions such as Dissimilar Air Combat Training and Mission-Oriented Training.

The JMT underscores the warm and long-standing defence relations between Singapore and India, and is conducted under the ambit of a Bilateral Agreement, which was signed between both air forces in 2007 and subsequently renewed in 2012. The two air forces also interact regularly through professional exchanges, visits, and cross-attendance of courses.

With the signing of the revised Defence Cooperation Agreement in November 2015, both countries also committed to exploring further defence cooperation in areas of common interest, such as counter-terrorism and maritime security. 

(Sing Mindef)

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