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Automatic Weapons Manufactured by Vietnam

14 Agustus 2017

Some other types of automatic control weapons are researched by the Institute of Technology – General Department of Defense Industry. (photo: VTV2)

Self-propelled robot for combat and scouts

The Institute  of Technology  under the General Department of Defense Industry recently studied the manufacture of a versatile self-propelled robot for combat and ground reconnaissance.

According to the introduction, robots are created by applying new scientific and technological achievements in the world, accompanied by the integration of equipped weapons on the service. The instrument is controlled via a computer and is capable of transmitting data to the command center via an electronic photo-camera.

Military robot developed by the Institute of Technology – General Department of Defense Industry. (photo: VTV2)

Product design consists of two main parts are command center and robot self-propelled device. In which the command center is the place to store the map, receive observation information and direct the command to the associated equipment; Self propelled vehicles can run on predefined routes according to digital maps.

In addition, the network communication system of the robot is secured by encryption algorithms are very safe.

Currently, the Institute of Technology is continuing to study the completion of 12.7 mm machine guns and shoulder-mount anti-aircraft missiles installed on the remote control pad. This is the premise for the launch of large chassis to create the future power generation robot battlefield.

The 37 mm automatic two-barrel anti-aircraft gun study model was conducted by the Institute of Military Automation Engineering. (photo : VPA)

37 mm automatic two-barrel anti-aircraft gun

The construction of a typical SCADA system and 37 mm two-round anti-aircraft guns are typical topics of the Military Technological Automation Institute under the Military Science and Technology Institute 

The original 37 mm cannon was only capable of daytime shots, hand-fired, eye-sighted, so it was difficult to meet the demands of modern warfare. Facing the new situation, the Institute of Automation has launched a 37 mm automatic two-bar automatic guns according to the theme of the group award Ho Chi Minh Award 2012.

The 37 mm two-barrel gun system was born thanks to the combination of modern technology and combat experience in the conditions of military equipment. The team is capable of observing, detecting, identifying target trajectories and calculating fully automatic firepower. The deployment time is very fast due to the application of automatic balancing technology, offset angle.

Missile repair line at Plant Z119. (photo : QPVN)

The command center displays all the parameters of the target on the screen, helping the commander make the right decision at the right time. It automatically calculates the target coordinates for each cannon, passing the command to each gun, without manual calculations. After the upgrade, the 37 mm two-barrel cannon  destroyed the target as low and as fast as cruise missiles.

Lieutenant General Be Xuan Truong – Member of the Party Central Committee – Deputy Minister of Defense on 8/8 visited the factory A31 and Z119 under the Technical Department, Air Defense – Air Force, this is the place to improve and repair. Weapons, gas weapons are not modern.

Two factories have asked the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Defense to continue assigning tasks and allocating budgets for repair lines suitable for the workshops in order to maintain the contingent of highly qualified technical staff. And experienced; As well as the addition of test cases, materials for repairing missile combinations using radio, optical and thermal technologies.


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